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To Vaccinate or NOT To Vaccinate, That is The Question? (September 09)

To Vaccinate or NOT To Vaccinate, That is The Question?  

                                 September: NatureFall Ahead!  

“Discussing vaccinations with a doctor is like discussing vegetarianism with a butcher”
George Bernard Shaw                                                               

As another summer becomes a fleeting dream and sinks in the horizon, Fall is waiting at the doorway, (any body home?). September is one of the most comfortable months of the year, as temperatures are cooler, less traffic on the roads, and beaches are quiet. It is a harbinger of autumn, when nature shows us her multicolored Dreamcoat. We are now in the 4th quarter of the year, and children return to school. Fall also means flu-season is just around the corner. When flu-season is near, means flu-shots are not far behind. This year, compounding the flu is the added concern of the Swine Flu (H1N1).

In this month’s newsletter, I will discuss the controversial subject of vaccinations, as there are people on both sides of the aisle. It is not for me to tell a person what they should or should not do. Nevertheless, in life, we make choices and from those choices, there are consequences. A good choice leads to a good out come and a bad choice, a bad outcome. Often, the choice we make is from the information at hand. In relation to vaccinations, it is my intention to impart to you the best information available, gleaned from several sources and woven into a grand tapestry to pin up in the mantelpiece of your mind, to draw upon as needed.

According to Dr. Donald Miller, a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington,” recommends avoiding the flu-shot and taking vitamin D instead. According to Dr. Miller, “Seventy percent of doctors do not get a flu shot.” 

He goes on to say, “Health officials say that every winter 36,000 people will die from it. But the National Vital Statistics Reports compiled by the CDC show that only 1,138 deaths a year occur due to influenza alone more than 34,000 of the 36,000 flu deaths, are actually pneumonic and cardiovascular deaths.”

A study in The Lancet found that even among people for whom the vaccine is most recommended (the elderly), protection can be as low as 30 percent. 

Vaccines are big business-$3 billon dollars and with the new H1N1 virus, the government has allocated about $2 billon dollars for it. Five major pharmaceutical companies stand to earn a nice sum from producing millions of vaccine doses. The five companies that have received $1,816,989,920 in U.S. dollars in a pie chart are:  

  • Novartis 46%
  • Sanofi Pasteur 26%
  • CSL (Melbourne, Australia) 19%
  • Med-Immune 6%
  • GlaskoSmithKline 3%  

For the most part, when it comes to vaccinating against the flu or more specifically the Swine Flu, many people will have a knee-jerk reaction, and be adamant about receiving vaccines; that is their choice. Before we take that knee jerk reaction, which could also be induced by fear, it is important that we do our homework before allowing our bodies to become a pin-cushion for the pharmaceutical industry.  

There is a slogan for a clothing store in NYC, which says, “An educated consumer is our best customer”. In relation to life, I believe that an educated human being can be the world best customer, in conjunction with wisdom.

My concern with vaccines is their efficacy and safety. Now, with the H1N1 vaccine coming available in October, there is a big push for mass vaccinations.  Nevertheless, how safe is this vaccine? Personally, I would rather a natural approach to protecting ourselves from the flu and other viruses and bacteria, like strengthening our immune system. In the following articles, I will delve further into flu-vaccines and their deleterious ingredients, and the added concern of the swine flu vaccine. In addition, what approach can we take to protecting ourselves? At the end is a resource section, for more information from doctors and links to many vaccination websites?

This is a lengthy newsletter and to bullet point its contents. Take time and read it; it may save your life.  

  • Articles on Vaccines & Tamiflu-their efficacy and ingredients.
  • A natural approach to protecting your health
  • Doctors input on Vaccinations
  • A free 12 page report on how to avoid vaccinations
  • A user-friendly vaccination schedule for parents that want to vaccinate their children, by Dr Donald Miller.
  • A prominent neurosurgeon’s concern over the swine flu vaccine.
  • What to do if force vaccinated.
  • Vaccination information sites.
  • Articles from the UK and Germany with concerns about the swine flu vaccine.
  • A 1977 CBS 60 minutes segment on the effects of the 1976 swine flu vaccination, and the story of one young woman who was adversely affected by it.
  • A 1976 TV ad for getting the swine flu vaccine with a tinge of fear added for efficacy. 

Now and again, we have to question our beliefs, and the sages and pundits of our time. I believe this is one of them. Before rushing out to get vaccinated, read the information, allow it to marinate in your mind, and feel what bubbles up from the depth of your subconscious, that permeates your conscious mind. This will enable you to make a wiser decision that is right on all levels.  

 To Vaccinate or NOT to Vaccinate, That is the Question? 

                             Primum non nocere “First, do no harm             

When fall comes around flu-shots are not far behind. This year we have the added concern of the Swine flu. As the government turns up the volume on pandemic, they are advocating mass vaccinations. This year federal health officials are recommending most Americans get three flu shots:  

  • One regular flu shot
  • And two doses of the vaccine made for the new swine flu strain.
  • School children who have never had a flu shot are targeted for four shots in the fall – twice for seasonal flu, twice for pandemic swine flu.  

However, are flu-vaccines the be all and end all to protecting us from the flu and more importantly, the Swine flu? We are well aware of the why we should get the flu-vaccine. Our doctor or pediatrician recommends it. It will protect us from the flu. By averting the flu, we miss less days at work and for children, fewer school days missed. In addition, by not getting the flu, we avoid other respiratory illnesses, such as pneumonia.

Yes, I am not downplaying the danger of the flu, or the swine flu. Many people die from the flu every year, and many have died from the swine flu. The majority of deaths from the swine flu were those with already compromised health issues.  

  • They had heart, liver or cardiovascular problems
  • They were diabetic
  • They had compromised immune systems  

Flu-Vaccine Effectivness

As far as the efficacy of the flu shot, how effective is it. As Dr Mercola notes “The chances of a flu shot being effective in any given year are about as high as your chances of pulling a needle from a haystack. Because flu shots only protect against certain strains of the flu virus. These strains mutate rapidly, and scientists can only make educated guesses about which strains will be most prevalent that year. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states:

“In some years when vaccine and circulating strains were not well-matched, no vaccine effectiveness can be demonstrated in some studies, even in healthy adults. It is not possible in advance of the influenza season to predict how well the vaccine and circulating strains will be matched, and how that match may affect the degree of vaccine effectiveness.”  

In the article,The Truth About Flu Shots notes,

“In a review of 48 reports (more than 66,000 adults), “Vaccination of healthy adults only reduced risk of influenza by 6% and reduced the number of missed work days by less than one day (0.16) days. It did not change the number of people needing to go to hospital or take time off work.” Reference: “Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults.” The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 1 (2006).”  

Basically, the efficacy of the flu-vaccine is weak. The same article goes on to say in relation to infants and children, “A review of 51 studies involving more than 294,000 children it was found there was no evidence that injecting children 6-24 months of age with a flu shot was any more effective than placebo. In children over 2 yrs, it was only effective 33% of the time in preventing the flu.” Reference: “Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children.” The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2 (2008).”  

Flu-Vaccine’s Deleterious Ingredients

An added concern of vaccines is their safety, as there have been links to autism, and other neurological disorders. The concern with the flu-vaccines is the deleterious ingredients in them. As Dr Mercola noted in a recent article,

“According to Dr. Donald Miller, MD, two-thirds of last year’s flu vaccines contain 25 micrograms of thimerosal. Thimerosal is 49 percent mercury by weight.

Each dose of these flu vaccines contains more than 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit for mercury.

By now, most people are well aware that children and fetuses are most at risk of damage from this neurotoxin, as their brains are still developing. Yet the CDC still recommends that children over 6 months, and pregnant women, receive the flu vaccine each year.

In addition to mercury, flu vaccines also contain other toxic or hazardous ingredients like:

  • Formaldehyde — a known cancer-causing agent
  • Aluminum — a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Triton X-100 — a detergent
  • Phenol (carbolic acid)
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
  • Various antibiotics: neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin “

Other Ingredients found in vaccines:  

  • Egg protein and avian contaminant viruses
  • Sucrose (table sugar)

If one does not want a flu-vaccine, and instead opt for one of the antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu, for flu symtoms. Should one be concerned about these drugs. Tamiflu is used for treating uncomplicated influenza A and B in childern 1 year or older, and teenager 13 and older for unfluenza. These drugs are called neuraminidase inhibitors, work by blocking a viral enzyme that helps the influenza virus invade cells in the respiratory tract. Dr Mercola has concerns about Tamiflu.  

Tamiflu Loaded With Side Effects, Including Death and Can Only Reduce Symptoms by 36 Hours at BEST                                           

                                                Dr Mercola   

“Please realize that Tamiflu is NOT a safe drug  Serious side effects include convulsions, delirium or delusions, and 14 deaths in children  and teens as a result of neuropsychiatric problems and brain infections  Japan actually banned Tamiflu for children in 2007.

Remember, Tamiflu went through some rough times not too long ago, as the dangers of this drug came to light when, in 2007, the FDA finally began investigating some 1,800 adverse event reports related to the drug.

Additionally common side effects of Tamiflu include:

  • Nausea       
  • Vomoting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Cough

Additionally, Tamiflu has been reported to be ineffective against seasonal flu outbreaks, and may not be sufficient to combat an epidemic or pandemic.

But making matters worse, some patients with influenza are at HIGHER risk for secondary bacterial infections when on Tamiflu. And secondary bacterial infections, as I mentioned earlier, was likely the REAL cause of the mass fatalities during the 1918 pandemic!

But here’s the real kicker.

When Tamiflu is used as directed (twice daily for 5 days) it can ONLY reduce the duration of your influenza symptoms by 1 to 1 ½ days, according to the official data .

Why on earth would anyone want to take a drug that has a chance of killing you, was banned in Japan, is loaded with side effects that mimic the flu itself, costs over $100, and AT BEST can only provide 36 hours of SYMPTOM relief.  Just doesn’t make any sense.”

The New Swine Flu Vaccine

The new swine-flu vaccine made by Novartis will probably be made from PER.C6 cells (human retina cells). It will contain MF59 a potentially debilitating adjuvant. Other adjuvant agents, which vaccine manufactures may use, are ASO 3 and ASO 4. These two have not been legalized for use in the U.S. and have been shown to cause crippling inflammation including extreme arthritis in lab mice.

An adjuvant is a substance that enhances the body’s immune response to an antigen (a toxin or foreign substance) that enters the body. This adjuvant is Squalene. Squalene like Aluminum is an immune adjuvant. The purpose of the adjuvant is to enhance your immune response to the vaccination. Adjuvants cause your immune system to overreact to the introduction of the organism you’re being vaccinated against.

Squalene a Toxic Ingredient 

Squalene, a type of oil found in the adjuvant MF59, is made by the Chiron Pharmaceutical company, who manufactures the deadly anthrax vaccine. In studies with rats injected with squalene, they developed serious illnesses. Continued from the “The Truth about Flu Shot” article, “All rats injected with squalene (oil) adjuvants developed a disease that left them crippled, dragging their paralyzed hindquarters across their cages. Injected squalene can cause severe arthritis (3 on a scale of 4), and severe immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus. Reference (1): Kenney, RT. Edleman, R. “Survey of human-use adjuvants.” Expert Review of Vaccines. 2 (2003) p171. Reference (2): Matsumoto, Gary. Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims of this Vaccine. New York: Basic Books. p54.”

In addition, Squalene in vaccines has been strongly linked to Gulf War Syndrome. Gulf War veterans with Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) received anthrax vaccines which contained squalene. Other vaccines that have the MF-59 adjuvant in them are, the tetanus and diphtheria vaccines, which can cause adverse reactions in people.

H1N1 Vaccine 42 Day Trial Period  

At present, trials of the drug are being carried out across the country in colleges, hospitals and university medical centers. The trail period for this vaccine is about 42 days to see if participants have a bad reaction to it, even though auto-immune and arthritis problems can take months to develop.

Let us not forget the 1976 Swine Flu  

Let us not forget the 1976 swine flu. From the ensuing vaccinations, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the vaccine. The vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths. However, several hundred people developed crippling Guillain-Barré Syndrome after they were injected with the swine flu vaccine. Even healthy 20-year-olds ended up as paraplegics.  

In the resources section, is a link to a CBS 60 minutes segement of one such person who got the vaccine and the crippling effects she suffered. In 1976, roughly 40 million Americans received the vaccine and some 4,000 developed GBS.  

Pharmaceutical Companies Given Complete Liability Protection

At present, complete liability protection has been given to drug companies for any product used for any public health emergency declared by the Secretary of HHS (Health and Human Services).  Vaccine makers and federal officials will be immune from lawsuits  that result from any new swine flu vaccine, under a document signed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.

At a recent CDC public engagement event it is having across the country, where CDC officials are hosting H1N1 conferences to try and ease the minds of skeptical consumers about the swine flu vaccine and mandatory vaccinations. The CDC assume that 1 out of every 100,000 persons, will suffer serious side effects, and if you vaccinate the entire population that adds up to 30,000 people. Also, the FDA only requires the vaccine to be effective in 3 out of 10 people, meaning 7 out of 10 will no benefit from it.  

The Priority of Vaccinations   

In an article in the July 10th Washington Post, by education secretary Arne Duncan noted that schools are “natural sites” to start this massive vaccination. As Dr Sherri Tenpenny, one of the country most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccine health says, that infants and children up to 4 years old are at the top of the list, followed by school-age kids; then children with asthma and pregnant women; then critical-response workers (first responders, nurses etc), and so on. Other reports say young people aged 18 or 19-24, are a major target group because they supposedly have been more adversely affected by the H1N1 flu, than others.  


To conclude, vaccines are not the be all and end all to averting the flu. Even assessing their ingredients is a show for concern. More so, when one looks at the adjuvant Squalene in the new swine flu vaccine, and its short trial period, is a major cause for concern.  

Recipe : Butternut Apple Skewers

       Prep Time: 10 minutes
       Cooking Time: 35 minutes
       Yield: 8-10 servings
       1 medium butternut squash
       3-4 apples
       1/2 lemon, juiced
       3 teaspoons cinnamon
       2 teaspoons nutmeg
       2 tablespoons ghee or coconut oil, melted
       2 tablespoons maple syrup
       2 tablespoons almond or cashew butter
       8-10 wooden skewers
       1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
       2.  Peel and dice butternut squash into about 3/4 inch cubes.
       3.  Mix together the spices, ghee or oil, nut butter, lemon juice and maple syrup. Add a bit of water if too
            thick, should be like a thick dressing.
       4.  In a bowl, pour 2/3 of the mixture over squash and toss, covering all the pieces evenly.
       5.  Place on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.
       6.  Chop apples into similar-size pieces. Peeling the apples is optional.
       7.  Mix apple with lemon juice and then toss with remaining mixture.
       8.  Remove squash from oven, allow to cool for a few minutes and then put alternating apple and squash
            pieces on skewers.
       9.  Put back into the oven and bake for 15 minutes or until both are soft.
These are great for an appetizer, dessert, or just a snack. They keep well in the refrigerator for about 3 days, so you can make a batch and have them on hand. 

             A Natural Approach To Protecting Ourself  

                   “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

                                           Benjamin Franklin

Now, that we have an overview of vaccines, and concerns about them, what can we do to protect our self. Let us look at the flu in general. When are we most prone to getting the flu? Usually, it is either late fall or winter months;less likely in the spring or summer. Looking at this scenario, what is lacking in the fall/winter months that is abundant in spring and summer.

Look To The Sky  

The key lies in the sky;the sun (sunshine). Not so much the sun, as the sun is there all year round. Sunlight hours lessen during winter months. But the amount of vitamin D available from it. As noted by Dr John Cannell, executive director of the Vitamin D Council, the amount of vitamin D available in the winter months is 1/3 of that available in summer.  

Vitamin D The Sunshine Vitamin  

Vitamin D levels in our blood fall to their lowest point during flu-season. Unable to be protected by the body’s own antibiotics (antimicrobial peptides) that are released by vitamin D, a person with a low vitamin D blood level is more vulnerable to contracting colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections. 

Previously I noted in another newsletter, that Vitamin D is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, and can have profound effects on our health. If one is living in the latitude of Boston in winter months, they are practically receiving zero vitamin D from the sun.  This will have a major impact on their immune system, compromising it. Therefore, it is incumbent on us to have sufficient vitamin D in our daily lives. The best source of vitamin D comes from the sun, but in winter, it is severely lacking.  

Vitamin D Testing   

Another way of receiving vitamin D is a safe tanning bed  that gives you UV-B rays.  One can supplement with vitamin D3, but I would highly recommend monitoring your vitamin D levels by blood testing, to make sure your levels are therapeutic, and not toxic. The vitamin D test is the 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D. The gold standard Vitamin D test is the DiaSorin (Liaisorin) test done by LabCorp, and optimal levels should be 50-65 ng/ml. Average is 50ng/ml, but you want to be optimal.

Other Sources Of Vitamin D  

Dr Mercola recommends, for those who do not get adequate sun exposure or inaccessibility to a safe tanning bed, adults should take 5,000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, depending on body weight (a blood test is the safest way to know what your levels are). For children, 2,000 IU per day is typically adequate. You can also get Vitamin D from Cod Liver Oil, but I would recommend that you get the Carlson brand, because the Vitamin D to Vitamin A ratio are about the best. The Vitamin D to A ratio is very important and most cod liver oil supplemnts have the wrong ratio;to much vitamin A to D. Vitamin D3 is also found in eggs, organ meats, animal fat, and fish.

Other recommendations from Dr Mercola for protecting yourself are:   

         What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Visit the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) site and join in the fight against mandatory swine flu vaccinations.  

Educate yourself about influenza strains, vaccination risks, and the public health laws in your state that may require you or your children to undergo either mandatory vaccination or quarantine.  

Take care of your health to reduce or eliminate your risk of contracting the flu. The key is to keep your immune system strong by following these guidelines:

  • Eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet. Sugar consumption has an immediate, debilitating effect on your immune system.
  • Take a high quality source of animal-based omega 3 fats like Krill Oil.
  • Exercise. Your immune system needs good circulation in order to perform at its best for you.
  • Optimize your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is the likely cause of seasonal flu viruses. Getting an optimal level of vitamin D will help you fight infections of all kinds.
  • Get plenty of good quality sleep.
  • Deal with stress effectively. If you feel overwhelmed by stress, your body will not have the reserves it needs to fight infection.
  • Wash your hands. But not with an antibacterial soap. Use a pure, chemical-free soap. “

In addition, stress has a debilitating effect on your health and 80% of all illnesses are due in part from it; it severely compromises your immune system. 

The Different Type of Stresses:  

Mental/Emotional Stress – What we think or feel: work, home, family, financial. 

Chemical Stress – What we ingest:eat and drink

Physical Stress – What we do with our bodies: lack of exercise, work, lifting.

Environmental stress-pollution from the environment: water and air.

I would also recommend a good Probiotic that you can purchase at your local health store. This brings healthy bacteria into your digestive system, and since 80% of your immune system is located there, it will help to strengthen it. The less stress on your immune system, the greater its strength to protect you.  

Feeling the effects of a cold or flu coming on, Quantum Herbal products, has an excellent Cold and Flu formula, in liquid tincture. This is a synergistic combination of some of nature’s most powerful herbs for combating cold and flu. In the coming months I will recommend other products.  


To conclude, by optimizing your vitamin D levels and eating a whole food diet, especially eliminating sugar and processed foods. By reducing stress in your life and using good hygiene practices (washing hands), will go a long way to strengthening your immune system. In doing so, and incorporating these measures will give you greater immunity, and less chance of getting the flu or swine flu. The more of these you implement, the greater is your resistance to them. So before we have a knee jerk reaction and run for vaccines, let us give some thought to our actions. Who needs to end up with some debilitation illness or side effects for the rest of our life, after failing to do our homework? By incorporating these recommendations in our life, and using good judgment, will go a long way to protecting our self.  

Resources Section

The following resources from doctors, vaccine information websites and articles, gives you a wider variety of information to make your decision.  

Dr Sherri Tenpenny:  

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is one of the country most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccine health. Read more…   

Dr Russell Blaylock a Neurosurgeon and Author of Books on Neurotoxins (aspartame)  

Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 9:54 AM
By: Dr. Russell Blaylock

An outbreak of swine flu occurred in Mexico this spring that eventually affected 4,910 Mexican citizens and resulted in 85 deaths. By the time it spread to the United States, the virus caused only mild cases of flu-like illness. Read more…

Dr. Russell Blaylock: What To Do If Force Vaccinated !

In the event that you or your loved ones are forced vaccinated, here is what Dr Russell Blaylock recommends :

1. Number one on the list says Dr Blaylock, is to bring a cold pack with you and place it on the site of the injection as soon as you can, as this will block the immune reaction. Once you get home, continue using a cold pack throughout the day. If you continue to have immune reactions the following day, have cold showers and continue with the cold press.  

Dr Mercola  

Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed  

According to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, your children should be the first target for mass swine flu vaccinations when school starts this fall. Read More..  

Legally Avoiding Immunizations  

How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds

(Free 12 page pdf document).  

A User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule (1 of 2)

By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD   

Vaccination is a controversial subject, and many parents worry about subjecting their children to them. Readers of my article, “Mercury on the Mind,” about vaccines and dental amalgams, have asked what vaccines I would recommend their children receive. This article addresses that question. Read More…   

Vaccine Information Websites:

Articles Worth reading:

German Health Experts Swine Flu Warning  

Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?  

The swine flu vaccine has been hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert gave a shock warning about its safety. 

Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus.

He has grave reservations about the firm Novartis who are developing the vaccine and testing it in Germany. The vaccination is injected “with a very hot needle”, Wodarg said.  

The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals and “we do not know if there could be an allergic reaction“.  Read More…

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America. (Source The Mail UK)

A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.

The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.

It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. Read more…

The TV advertisement for the 1976 swine flu vaccine  

This was a TV ad for vaccinating against the 1976 swine flu, with a tinge of fear added for efficacy. Click here to watch ad…  



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